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Clive Gillingham. Somerset 50`s | clivegillingham@yahoo.com
Glad to hear from you again Len, look forward to seeing you at the reunion.
24 May 2017 - Great Bardfield. Essex

Dave 62-65
You are there Len, 4th row down, John Hunt, John Sansom, Len Harpin, Micky Gay, School Badge, Pop, Brian Cunningham. If you want the photo changing I can update it, lol it was the first reunion I did in 2004, you didnt recognise yourself lol see you October
24 May 2017

Chris & Len Harpin | chrislen@talktalk.net
Hi Dave have noticed I am not on the photo's of all the boys that have attended our Reunion ???. By the way god willing I shall be there this year so you can book me in for 2 for Dinner ..
22 May 2017 - Colnrook Slough England

Dave 62-65
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Barnardo’s Aftercare.
Dear Martine,

Just a reminder that this year that Goldings closed 50 years ago and the first official re-union was 60 years ago this year 1957, which was actively encouraged by the former Headmaster Mr Francis Wheatley so the boys could rekindle their former friendships at the school as we still continue to this day as Goldings or should I say the William Baker Technical School Old Boys. I feel that this year the School should have a special mention and possibly a major content in the Guild Messenger to help us contact the many Old Boys out there that may not be aware that there is a special re-union this year to mark the occasion and former Staff and Mr Wheatley’s, the headmaster son David continues to support us as he also spent a lot of his younger years living and friends of many Old Boys as he is like us, a Goldings Old Boy, and very proud of his Fathers achievements along with many loyal Staff that made Goldings a special place in our lives. We are also trying to hold a Service at Waterford Church and hopefully a bugler or band for the day. I feel that Barnardo's should give us plenty of support for our special day as they have in the past, many thanks.
Dave Blower
Goldings Reunion Organiser
20 May 2017

Les, (Dawkins) Billy Hoy came into Goldings spring 1960,from Macedon to train as a Bootmaker.It was the period when there was still Junior and Senior Houses,he was eventualy in Cairns,came in Febuary 1960 and left in July 1963,he was also a House Captain.I am trying to contact him so I can put you both in touch with each other.
19 May 2017

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