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Adam Canning
Just looking on the net and I came across your website. “Goldings” And it brought my old memory’s off my years at BSP 1970-1975.

My name is Adam Canning I was in Barnardo from 1962 or there about till I left in 1975
Just looking at the photo of me in the 1972 prize-giving group those were the days. I remember walking past Golding's every day going to work at BSP many a time I walk around the grounds. Anyhow I was hoping to get a copy of the “1972 prize-giving group” if that’s possible and is there still have reunion.

Mr Adam Canning
13 April 2018

Joyce,wishing Bob a speedy recovery back to health, from all of us associated with Goldings,with best wishes to his family and friends in this moment of Bobs health scare.
12 April 2018

Joyce Robertson | bobr@onthenet.com.au
Bob in GCUHospital been there since before Easter suspected another stroke (his 4th)
11 April 2018 - sunny Gold Coast Australia

I've just read David Swingers book,very interesting read "Just a Number".How Dr Barnardos had taken him out of Goldings (he was training to be a Printer)before he had completed his appentiship at the age of 15, much to the disgust of Mr Wheatley who wrote to Headquarters complaining this was out of order not to complete his training until 21,but no explaination was forthcoming.Are we surprised? not me.
8 April 2018

Dave 62-65
Happy birthday Old Boy William Fell Holden have a great day see you October
3 April 2018

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