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David Wheatley | david.wheatley1937@gmail.com
Dave, please put me down for the Reunion. I won't know whether Carolyn will be with me until closer to the day.
14 August 2018 - Witley, Surrey

Details and dates for the re-union are now on the re-union page along with the invitation for anyone who wants to print it off on their computer.The invitations are also being posted next week that I have the address's for,and Aftercare will be sending out there's also shortly as they are not allowed to give me the address's they have,so they send them out.
13 August 2018

Happy birthday to Glyn Parry have a great day Glyn
1 August 2018

Many thanks David and Denise for your support once again.On the invitation this year I will make it very prominent of the wonderful gesture by the both of you,many thanks.See you both in October.
27 July 2018

email received today From David and Denise
We have diarised Dave, and will have our house open between 12-3pm. Please do let the Boys know as it seems that sometimes they are not advised and only those that know us well realise we are open for drinks and food.
Warm regards and hope you are very well.
26 July 2018

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