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Dave,Mal and Family
Pop,wishing you a wonderful birthday this Wednesday 23rd of Jan.I,m sure this will be echoed by all the Old Boys and Staff.I won't mention your age,but it is more than the 60 goals you scored for us at Golding's in a season.One of the most respected member of Staff at Goldings.
21 January 2019

Dave 62-65
Happy birthday to 60s old boy John Mercury and 50s old boy Sidney Bracken hope you both have a great day
6 January 2019

Peter drummond
Happy birthdays to both John mercury and Sidney Bracken i hope you both have a good day
6 January 2019 - Rochester kent

Dave 62-65
Robert,spoke to Bobby Macnamara about the incident and he remembers it and he was the one who was chosen to approach Mr Wheatley on the situation for the boys as he was House Captain at the time.Reading the Goldonians from that period it mentioned you coming in Winter of 1964,into Pelham House and you won for Pelham the junior chess competion,and you also won a prize for Printing in 1967 edition.
31 December 2018

Robert Davis (formerly Unwin ‘Prof’) 1963-66 | Rob.cc@btconnect.com | Https://www.crosscountrymagazine.co.uk
I wondered if anyone rembered the day we went on food strike. It was supposed to happen the previous day but when chips were served the strike was delayed until the following day. All except three didn’t eat anything and our demands for extra butter and better food were met.
30 December 2018 - Rotherham

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