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Happy birthday to Johnny Allen 70 today
23 September 2018

Chris@Len Harpin | chrisandlen @talktalk.net
Hi Bob, all the best when you go in to Hospital, to have your Heart Valve Repair , my Wife had it done some 12 years ago it was the aoto main valve ,she had it done at Royal Brompton Hospital London .
20 September 2018 - Colnbrook Slough England

Les Dawkins | l.dawkins@bigpond.com
Hi one and all I have never been to any of the reunions but It is still on my bucket list I always read what goes on and what fun you all have, but yes it will be sad that Pop wont be there this year, I have great memories of Pop we had many games of table tennis I know I didn't win many and lots of games of soccer, he was good well very good at all sport I only wish I had kept photos of my time at Golding's keep the stories coming in boys its great to read them and see what the guys that I know are doing, my aim is in the next year or two is too attend the reunion.
19 September 2018 - Perth WA

Arthur (Bob) Robertson | bobr@onthenet.com.au
Sorry Dave not going to make it again this year, waiting to go into hospital for a heart valve repair job
its spring here beautiful weather 3-30pm and the garden is full of birds around 25 sun out, spend most of my time sitting in my chair or on my computer, Joyce is well has to be to look after me, will try to find some old Goldings photos to post, have a great reunion
19 September 2018 - Australia

David Wheatley | david.wheatley1937@gmail.com
Dave, Carolyn and I will be with you for the Dinner on October 6th.
18 September 2018 - Witley, Surrey

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