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As an ex Dickies boy, Goldings was without doubt the most upsetting period during my many years of experiencing life and very high on my list.

Carollyn Wheatley's epitaph of David whom I never met, was a true reflection of a loving wife,faultlessly underpinning their close devotion and fond memories of Goldings, the best part, the great escape, loved to have join in this and scatter the ashes, the man obviously love his growing years and can't fault that,I'm sure he will be happy if the wishes are fulfilled.

Cannot attend please be assured Carolyn his memories will remain forever.
21 January 2020 - UK

Email received Carolyn Wheatley (Eley)
Lovely to speak on the phone just now..... and thanks for more stories of the Goldings Boys' pranks at the William Baker Technical School. They certainly help to explain the rogue element of David's character!!!

As promised I am attaching the rough draft of the order of service for David's funeral this Wednesday. It would be the icing on the cake if some of the Goldings' boys could attend but it is a long way to come and a big ask. I shall talk about them with great warmth and humour anyway.

David was honoured to be included in all your activities (not so sure about his father) and he was deeply touched to see you all at your amazing reunions..... one of the biggest and happiest families ever..... all brothers together, through thin and thick, as it were. Very moving.

As I mentioned to you, David's last wish was to have his ashes scattered at the old cricket pitch at Goldings...... so we are somehow going to have to do this: Even it means a re-run of "The Great Escape".

My love to you, your family and all the brethren from Goldings. You gave David immense pleasure and he was so very proud of all that you have achieved.

Warm regards,

Carolyn xx
21 January 2020

Mick Smith_Kerr | smithkerr@hotmail.com
Have a good one Pop and lots more to come. I don`t think I ever scored 60 goals in a season but, I remember being on the same football pitch.great times?
21 January 2020 - Kent

Dave,Mal and Family
This Thursday will be the Birthday of a wonderful member of Staff,who has supported our re-unions long before I came on the scene.He was housemaster of every house except Somerset.His age? A lot more than the 60 goals he scored in a season!
A man with a character of Steele!!
20 January 2020

Dave 62-65
The Goldonian Summer 1959 has now been added to the website, go to the Goldonian index or it can also be accessed off the front page.
Enjoy your reading.
14 January 2020

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