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Les Dawkins | l.dawkins@bigpond.com
Just looking at the front cover reading about Barry Hyland I remember Barry he was at Goldings about the same time as myself and in Somerset House as I was we bred some very good tradesmen and lots of fantastic sportsmen. Keep safe and best wishes to all my old mates and all at Goldings.
5 April 2022 - Perth Western Australia

Dave 62-65
It has been brought to our attention that if the family of any Dr Barnardo Boy or Girl request the records of them, it now will cost them £100-00, which I find totally wrong to charge for such personal information of the child's time spent in Dr Barnardo homes.
28 March 2022

I hope all you Goldings Boys are enjoying the Spring weather?
Temperatures are up, it's sunny, we have more freedom, (even though covid hasnt really disappeared, and Putin if Mr Wheatley was still around would be put on Jankers) it feels like Summer, and the clocks go forward this weekend giving us a little more Daytime hours.
All keep safe and we will meet up in October. "Don't forget your clocks"
25 March 2022

Hi Dave

Thank you so much for your response. We contacted Kate Roach and as you intimated they would only communicate with a direct relative and there is a cost.

Rayís son contacted them but the cost is £100 which for him is too much. As I have already funded his dna test to find his grandfather he doesnít feel itís right for me to pay any more.

I understand how this situation arises but itís frustrating for an avid family historian like myself. The good news is that the dna test has borne fruit and ties in with one of the family stories about my unclesí father.
Thanks again for the great work that you do
Best wishes
22 March 2022

Bobby Mac
Happy birthday Dave hope you had a good day
Take care cheers
17 March 2022

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