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Peter Drummond
So very sorry to hear your ill Mike. Just been told I wish you a very speedy recovery now is the time to take it easy I'm thinking about you and I wish you all the best keep your chin up mate
10 November 2020 - Rochester Kent

Jean Clark | jeanclarkblues2000@yahoo.co.uk
Just to wish Mick a speedy recovery as we need him for our Goldings reunion as I have got him some really nice top of the range COFFEE. Thinking of you Mike and your family. Love Bluenose xxxxx 😃😃😃🙏🙏🙏🙏
9 November 2020 - Birmingham

Dave 62-65
Gordon Rath has just rang me to let me know Old Boy Mike Justice M. B. E. is in hospital after suffering a stroke, I will be in touch with his wife later and will let you know how he is.
Mike has been shielding since February and now this.
All the best Mike speedy recovery
8 November 2020

Remembrance Sunday

A very different one this year due to COVID but still
we will remember them
8 November 2020

Glandare House Newport,named solely by the boys and girls back in 1970 ish during a farewell bash for Mr Henry Gratwick in Cardiff on his retirement,previously Mr G arrived from Marham house into unknown territory at the Welsh town of Aberdare during his time he successfully established the Barnardo house of Glandare primarily for boys later became mixed he went on to encourage the support successfully from the generous people of Aberdare, on its transfer to Newport the building was demolished,today there stands a church school perhaps a legacy deservedly for a man Barnardo can be proud of.
6 November 2020

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