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Goldings Old Boys
We would all like together to wish two of our Golding's Old Boys who have been so supportive of our re-unions over the years
Happy birthday David (Wheatley)81 years young tomorrow along with Gordon (Rath) 71 years young,I hope you both enjoy the day
25 February 2018

David Wheatley | david.wheatley1937@gmail.com
I am very sad to hear the news about Johnny Sansom. At Goldings, he was a stalwart in every way and an outstanding sportsman. At age 16, he suddenly learnt that he was a year older than he thought and shortly after was called up for National Service which was a bit of a shock for everyone. My sister, Celia, thought he was pretty handsome too! I always enjoyed our chats at the Reunions and his presence will be sorely missed.
24 February 2018 - Witley, Surrey

Dave 62-65
Joan James has now informed me that John Sansom has now been admitted to a care home in Hatfield with extreme Dementia, John was Somerset House Captain, his trade was training to be a Carpenter his years were 46-49. He married a local girl and settled in Hertford when he left Goldings, and was employed by a local firm. John never missed our reunions until this last year.
I'm sure all of us would like to send our best wishes to John.
23 February 2018

Ray,last one on the right Bobby Passmore?also Derek King is there,he sent it in.
Have you a copy? if not we could e-mail it to you,if you look on sports and leisure page 2 you was in the same football team as me 1964?all the best Ray,Dave.
22 February 2018

Ray Hillier | jomtien1609@gmail.com | N/A
Dear Dave
Please never remove the new front page sports day, as I am in that race.
From right to left I am the second super athlete in and second in from left to right is I am almost certain is Charlie Hill with his ultra thin legs.
As you can see I am not winning at this stage of the race, I must of slipped on the wet grass or didn't hear ready steady go.
I can't remember the result but I am sure I must of won or am I dreaming.
Thanks Dave.
20 February 2018 - Jomtien Thailand

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