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Happy birthday Billy Hill see you in October we'll celebrate then
have a goodun
6 May 2020

Dave 62-65
The Goldonian Winter 1958 has now been added to the website enjoy your read
5 May 2020

Dave 62-65
Hello Jessica I have answered you by email too but for some reason I'm getting a failure message.
2 May 2020

tom hill cairns 1961 1966 | tomhill2949@gmail.com
just wish all us oldies a safe journey through this pandemic.heres hoping everybody is safe and in good health, want to see you all at the next reunion, was great to see david fall and derek hammond at the last one .
2 May 2020 - geordieland

Dave 62-65
Hello Jessica,
I would like first of all to thank you for rescuing the album as Golding's was very important to many of us as it gave us the standard of life that was to be expected of us.Every year we spent three weeks at Dymchurch,by New Rommney holiday Camp which was a former Army camp in the war which started in 1921.In 1938 we believe the huts were occupied by the Army so the boys would pitch up tents there.The School used to print a booklet called the "Goldonian" which was printed by our Printers which was news about the school and activities that we did.I have most of the booklets from 1927 (when it was first printed)to 1967 when the school closed.Because of the war clouds gathering they only printed one because paper was rationed in 1938 of which I have a copy,and it tells us that the holiday was cut short due to situation gathering.When I was there in 1962-65 they used to name all the boys who entered and left the school but they didn't do this in 1938 because of censorship.We every year have a re-union at the school and grounds just outside Hertford in the next village called Waterford which was were the school was.We did have a few old boys from 1938 who would have helped I'm sorry to say they passed away,as the oldest we have was there in 1945-47,as we spent three years training at the school for a trade and in my days it was 13-16,but in the years you mentioned they remained between up to 17-18.Iwould be very grateful for a copy of the photos so we could display them at our re-union,and perhaps some one could put a name to him, slim chance I know but worth a try.
If you do go on our site once more if you look down the index on the left hand site,press Sport And Leisure as pictures are on there of Dymchurch in various years,perhaps you may find a likeness? But thanks a lot for your interest in the persons life in Dr Barnardo,s.If you need any further help please don't hesitate as I would love to a name to the person
Regards Dave Blower, Re-Union Organiser
I now live in Walsall, West Midlands.
1 May 2020

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