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Happy birthday to our Golden Girl Jean Clark have a lovely day Jean (BLUENOSE)
10 June 2018

Peter drummond
Many many happy returns i hope you have a good day see you in August xxx
10 June 2018 - Rochester kent

Who of all the ball boys 1950/60 was not in in love with Maria Bueno and of course Darlene Hard,still have my signed photo of Maria in poor condition, sadly not her sweat band,Peter Sugg smoothed his charm on that day,when she transformed Wimbledon. R.S
9 June 2018

David Wheatley | david.wheatley1937@gmail.com
Well thank goodness that the man behind the Quiff has more than survived to organise and run such wonderful Reunions. They bring back so many memories particularly of having the privilege of growing up at Goldings where I learnt so much about reality from the boys who had not shared the comforts I took for granted. See you all on October 6th.
8 June 2018 - Witley, Surrey

Well David, as you are probaly aware, Mr Greenhill used to cut our hair in the Ablution Block, and his other claim to fame was he was a Staff Gardener who also cut the grass at Goldings so our hairstyle in those days tended to be a Gardener outlook on hair/grass.Comb it all back and put your two fingers in the front and pull it forward,this is how I got the name "The Quiff",but if you started to sing in his earshot "There is a Greenhill far away" thats when he cut it lawn fashion short! O those happy carefree days that are missed today.
6 June 2018

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