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This is a message received from 60s old boy, Ray Hillier I have checked it out it is genuine so I have allowed it on the guestbook and advised him to give a call to Kate Roach at Barnardo's

Hi Dave
Please. please can you help me.
The Thai government have made it almost impossible to stay here and I have lost my apartment.
Please Dave can you put a appeal to any Goldings Old Boy that has some cheap accommodation even if it is only a room to spare.
I am covid free.
The South of England would be ideal but anywhere would really help me
Please Dave your help will be so much appreciated.
Please can you let me know that you have received my message...

Thank you Dave....
Ray Hillier
10 December 2020

Dave,Mal and Family
I have now booked Sele Farm Community Centre for 2021 re-union.
30 November 2020

Peter Drummond
Very many thanks Ellen your efforts are appreciated
13 November 2020 - Rochester Kent

Clive Gillingham Somerset House 50`s | clivegillingham@yahoo.com
Ellen Perrier you are a great star, and an even bigger star to have taken the time to place the wreath for all old Goldings Boys and staff, it took a Goldings boy to have found a shining star like you.I say thanks on behalf of all from Goldings.
12 November 2020 - In lockdown with a few beers.

Dave 62-65
I would like to than Ellen Perrier who has made our Memorial Wreath. (Photo on our front page.)Due to lock down we were not going to be able to lay a Wreath this year but Ellen surprised me with this today. and she has delivered it to Waterford W.W.1. Memorial, on behalf of her husband Old Boy Brian Perrier and The Goldings Old Boys and Staff. What makes it more special is Ellen isnít in the best of health herself.
Many Many Thanks Ellen you never let us down.
There is a photo on our frony page
11 November 2020

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