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Happy birthday to Bob Robertson 81 years today
Have a great day Bob out there in Australia

16 February 2020

John Olbison | john.olbison@icloud.com
Sorry, not sure where the pictures came from or when.
It was 1964 I was forbidden to go to Wimbledon, by the way.
14 February 2020 - Essex

Dave 62-65
John,many thanks for the wonderful pictures you sent me,they will be put on the site shortly and also they will be displayed at our re-union. Many thanks.
P.S. Was the pictures at a Golding's re-union from 1968 as Tommy Hill believe's so?
14 February 2020

John Olbison | john.olbison@icloud.com
Hello again,
I was at Goldings from 1963 to 1966 and remember those golden days with great affection. I was lucky enough to have been chosen for Wimbledon, as a ballboy of course, on number one court in 1965 and centre court in 1966. I was forbidden to go 1963 because I dared to swear in front of my house mistress. I said "Bloody". Dear me. Can't remember her name now. Cairns house. Anyway, it was that worthy man "Pin'ead" Wheatley that stopped me going. What, me bitter?
A couple of years after leaving Goldings, I came across an article in the Times Educational Supplement entitled, "Study of a Wimbledon Ballboy". Who was it? That's right. Me. I still have the prints now.
12 February 2020 - Traveling

Dave 62-65
Copies of "He Who Rides a Tiger" will be available at the reunion at cost or via the post before at cost plus post and packing.The film was in the main made at Golding's using the grounds and the far end of the house by the Chapel.It starred Judi Dench and Tom Bell,it is in black and white,and it was the first film Judi Dench made in 1964.
I will be shortly starting the 1958 Goldonian's for the site.
10 February 2020

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