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email recieved Peter Ruffles
Will you be in these parts anytime soon? If so, we want to grab you for a few minutes on tape about Goldings and Dr Bs. Had a really good chat recording recently with Robert (Bob) Pegg.

If no cause to come in the foreseeable, any written scribbled casual memories would be useful. We need a bit more to add to Roberts paper file at Hertford Museum Hertford Oral History Group.

Not vital, but would be good. Best wishes Dave. Pete Ruffles
6 February 2018

Anthony Bowen | anthonybowen263@yahoo.com
Does 'Pop' Steele remember collecting two runaways from Old Scotland Yard
with Mrs Russell. Me and Micky Clark?
6 February 2018 - Wales

John Mercury rang me yesterday to tell me he remembers Roger Coppin,he was in the Print,and when he moved down to the Verney he changed his surname to Durrant.Many thanks John.
31 January 2018

Cliff Steele (Pop)
Roger Coppin was in my House - Aberdeen. Came to Goldings 1962. Sorry to hear the sad news.

30 January 2018

Can anyone help me,Joan James rang me this morning to tell me that Roger Coppin has passed away, a former Goldings Old Boys who lived in Ware.I have spoken to Reg Howitt (Scoffer)but he cannot recall or remember him at Goldings or around Ware.Is there anyone who can help me?
29 January 2018

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