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Dave 62-65
For the fourth season in succession, fifty boys from our School were chosen to act as ball boys at the All England Lawn Tennis Championships at Wimbledon. As in previous years they did their job well, receiving words of praise from spectators, umpires and players. The glorious sunshine, with no drop of rain during the whole fortnight, made conditions ideal for tennis, but the grilling heat had its disadvantages for both players and ball boys. Some of our boys were affected by the heat and Stephenson 174 spent a week-end
in hospital. Fortunately, when he rejoined us on the Tuesday, he was quite well again.
One of the players most popular with the boys was Schroeder, the Champion. After every match he said, "Thanks boys." We knew that his words were sincere, and his kindly manner seemed to spur us on to greater efforts.
An exciting incident occurred on the Centre Court. A grey squirrel, "tree-rat" as we call it, invaded the court and interrupted the game.
All of us joined in the chase and ran two or three times round the court before Johnny Knight managed to grab it. He had to pay for spoiling the squirrel's fun by being bitten twice on the hand.
"Gorgeous Gussy" Moran's "panties" caused a flutter of excitement and a topic of conversation as popular as the weather at Wimbledon.
Unfortunately, "Gussy" wore them only twice throughout the whole tournament. I must say that I sympathise with those members of the "higher authority' who had the misfortune to choose the wrong day!
I had the privilege of representing the ball boys in the B.B.C. programme, "In Town Tonight." It was a most interesting experience and carried with it a certain monetary reward which will stand me in good stead for. the holidays.
School Captain J G JAMES
Goldonian 1949
16 June 2022

Dave 62-65
Well if we had still been at Goldings we would be training for Wimbledon, and doing our best to get in the the Wimbledon Squad.
I never went to Wimbledon myself, I trained my first year at Goldings but I never got on with Mr. Nixon because I wouldn't go to church services and was made to wash up, so that was Mr Nixons punishment for me. So never got to go, but I loved watching it all and practising.
14 June 2022

Dave 62-65
Happy birthday to our Golden girl Jean Clark BLUENOSE 10 June. Hope you had a great day Jean
11 June 2022

Dave 62-65
June 2nd the Queens Platinum Jubilee hope everyone enjoys the day however you may spend it.
2 June 2022

Cadet notes Summer 1952
The Company took part in the local Coronation Parade and Service on the 2nd June and marched very well.
The Band had a busy time on Coronation Day, 2nd June, in the morning they played the Company to Hertford and then led the procession to the Civic service in the Castle grounds. At 6 o'clock in the evening the Band gave two displays of counter-marching and Beating the Retreat to the patients at the Ware Sanatorium. They were very well received and gave a wonderful show in spite of the poor weather.
At 9 p.m. the Band attempted to give a display of marching and Beating the Retreat but only a short performance could be given owing to the rain.
On Wednesday, 3rd June, the Band gave a display at Buntingford which was highly praised and although the weather was poor many people saw the display and cheered the boys at the end of the performance.
The high-light for the Band was on Saturday, 6th June, when the Band went to Wheathampstead to play the carnival procession through the town and give a display of figure-marching and Beating the Retreat! At the end of the performance the Band was presented with a large Union Jack flag in appreciation of the splendid show.
The Band attended the fete at Bengeo and played the procession through the streets, on the 13th June. Afterwards the Band gave two displays; one at 3 p.m. and one at 5 p.m. This was a very good turn-out and the boys gave of their best as usual.
The Band will be on duty at the Annual Battalion Inspection on the 28th June and at St. Margaret's on the 4th July.
A. P. CULVER, Captain O.I.C.
2 June 2022

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