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Peter drummond
So sorry to hear of your passing you will be missed r i p john
3 April 2019 - Rochester kent

Tributes to Bill Roe from Golding's Old Boys
David Blower. 31 March at 19:57
It's with a sad heart I received a call from Henry Peet to inform me his brother Bill Roe passed away 28th March .
Goldings Old Boys lost one of their best
R. I. P. Bill Roe
Mount Stephen
Goldings 51-55

Paul Pizany Walkeden
God bless Bill will meet up with you one day RIP
Paul Pizany
He was one of Goldings best

William Hill
Rip brother bill

Alan Heaton
R.i.p bill

Sam Hill
Very sad RIP Bill

Henry Johnstone
very sorry to hear that R I P

Winston Norton
How sad.

Bob Robertson
RIP Bill, was in Mount Stephen same time as me will miss his blogs on facebook

Tony Angell
Very sad news RIP Bill

Jean Clark
So sorry to hear about Bill RIP love Bluenose xxx

Peter Drummond
Rest in peace Bill

Tom Hill
always sad when one of our own passes away RIP bill thoughts with your family

Clifford Steele
Very sad news of Bill Roe and John Sansom.

Tony Angell
Yes Pop it is sadly missed. Angell

Sam Hill
One less we band of brothers RIP Bill
Sam Hill
Hope your journey is one of peace and tranquility and don t forget the tips my bets on u m8

Mick Smith Kerr
Steph Ince
John Mercury
Sidney Bracken
Earnest Andrews
3 April 2019

Dave 62-65
thanks for that Bob well said
3 April 2019

Bob Robertson | bobr@onthenet.com.au
Time you old boys stopped dying and a few more started messages on this page
1 April 2019 - sunny Gold Coast Australia

Peter Drummond
Bill Roe rest in peace my friend
1 April 2019 - Rochester kent

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