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Hi Mal, thanks for your kind reply and informative involvement, no doubt the task to lay on such an event nearly always falls to the person like yourself behind the scenes, to organize and muster up support is an attributed success to the Goldings website.
23 April 2022

Hello again Iím sorry I didnít explain who I am, Iím Dave's wife and your right Dave does run the website and the reunion. I just like to add a message now and again. I go with our daughters to the reunions we do the tea and cakes along with Jean Clark a Barnardo Old Girl from Barkingside village, she attends all the reunions and loves to help, so you see it is a Goldings reunion but all are welcome, we have a great time.
Dave loved his time at Goldings, but we do understand there are old boys out there that didnít.
Iím glad you keep looking in and hope you do keep in touch

22 April 2022

Dave 62-65
Very sad news today, Old boy Dick Lang has passed away, Dick was 82, itís been a while since Dick has attended the reunions due to health reasons but he always kept in touch with me. Dick was in McCall House. Our sincere condolences go to his wife and family
22 April 2022

Hi Mal, I always thought Dave ran the website to whom I attributed my appreciation, frankly I have no idea of your involvement although I am still alive and occasionally take a peek now and then, sadly its a distant past and every now and again I feel compelled and loured to the site, Goldings is just a documented 2 year distant bad memory. no offence intended.
21 April 2022

Dave 62-65
A memory from a Goldonian
A few months ago one of the boys at our Technical School at Goldings, who happened to be in the Sick Bay, found a jackdaw and brought it into the ward.
The bird quickly settled down in its new home, and was fed, watered and nurtured by the boy, and soon became great friends. The jackdaw goes everywhere with this boy, who at night places the bird on the rail at the back of his bed, where' it stays until the morning.
The jackdaw even goes into the Dining Hall, and without the slightest hesitation is able to pick out his friend from over 260 boys. It comes regularly for a mid-day bath, sitting in a large tub while a jug of warm water is poured over it. The bird also goes into the carpenters' shop, and it is a common thing to see it perched on a boy's bench, ignoring the noise. An amusing incident occurred on Armistice Sunday, when the boys marched in six companies
to a church in Hertford two miles away. While on the march their little feathered friend was seen to be flying towards them, backwards and forwards from one company to another, just above the boys' heads. When they reached Hertford, it waited outside the church until all the boys were seated, and then returned to the School. It will perch on the hand or shoulder of any of the boys, and will go to them at a call, but it seems to fight shy of the masters.
A very knowing bird !
An Old Boy
18 April 2022

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