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Happy birthday to Joe Law, former Pelham House, have a great day Joe.
10 July 2019

Peter Drummond
Many happy returns Joe have a great day
10 July 2019 - Rochester Kent

Dave and Mal
David Wheatley is the first this year to confirm he will be at this years re-union
9 July 2019

Les Dawkins | l.dawkins@bigpond.com
Yep I remember the royal visit I also was on cleaning duties ronuc and bumpering floors in the Dorms and scrubbing the stone floors, and stairs. David Gee turned 74 I turned 73 on May 21st but remember David well happy belated birthday mate he was a great sportsman, love reading all the stories from time to time great work by all involved.
2 July 2019 - Perth Western Australia

Smith | sandra.davies-smith@sky.com
Looking forward to the complete 1959 Goldonian,I can appreciate your voluntary time and efforts as a reminder to all ex goldings boys whom have no childhood family memories presented via the website, good or bad, much appreciated.

I was particularly interested in latest 8/09/1960 Princess Margaret's visit to Goldings and how times have changed,on this particular day having spent many hours of bulling, dormitory and ablutions tooth brush cleaning endless other chores,I was totally amazed by the guest list, Talk about more chiefs than indians,I never seen the Princess on the day I was just one of 200 boys behind the more important 2000 guests, luckily Miss Roe on punishment fatigues had me clearing up at the end of the day where I managed to secure a few Kensington tip ends to place in the backy tin shall we say by Royal appointment.
Just to add I realize how time consuming scanning takes just scanned 350 A4 pages of my records its taken for ever just starting with new software to decrypt the blacked out sentences, is nothing sacred, keep up the good work.
29 June 2019 - Back in UK

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