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Dave,Mal and Family
This Saturday will be the Birthday of a former Master of Golding,s.He was held in high regards by the Boys and Staff,and was probably one of our favourite members of Staff,if not the top man.Has supported the schools reunions long before I came on the scene.Was considered a canny Sportsman at the School and hailed from the North East,and traveled down from Newcastle to be at our reunions.I wont disclose his age,but I,ll tell you he was middle aged when Newcastle last won the F.A.cup! Have a great birthday "Pop" you earned it after putting up with us!
21 January 2021

Peter Drummond
Many happy returns "Pop" I hope I hope you have a good day on Saturday.
20 January 2021 - Rochester Kent

Dave 62-65
A new profile has been added to our website please click on the profiles
20 January 2021

New photos from Jo Griffiths (Mr Shepard’s daughter) have been added to the photo gallery.
Also a new profile of Old Boy Arthur Ebbage 40s has been added to the profile page.
13 January 2021

Dave 62-65
Happy Birthday to Old Boys Johnny Mercury and Sydney Bracken, hope you both have a great day (no out of bounds in this 3rd lockdown or it will be straight to Pinheads office.) Lol
6 January 2021

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