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Michael Smith-Kerr | smithkerr@hotmail.com
Name some of the missing names
2nd back row Casey Turner. 5th back row?
F/L Front row Jock wellwood
F/ row David Crossley
25 May 2022 - rainham kent

Dave 62-65
Clive, I'm very surprised you didn't name all those boys, were you at Goldings all the time, or did you bunk off occasionally lol.
9 out of 13 well done
Moved down to class "C"
23 May 2022

Clive Gillingham 50s. Somerset House
I may know some on the photo, T /L
Jimmy Fasanya, miss, Eric Holden, Tony Lydford, miss, Stan Maddigan, Vic Addinall, Chris Pettman.
B/L miss, Teddy Townsend miss, Mick Kerr, Bob (bone) Jordan.
All from the Verney I think. Mick will know ??.
21 May 2022 - Great Bardfield. Essex

Dave 62-65
I had a phone call two days ago from Bob Chalkley and his wife Glenda, they are trying to contact any of the Old Boys who were there from Jan 12 1950 to May 9 1953. He was in McCall House, and put in the Cabinet Makers until they kicked him out, they said " You are rubbish" so was put in the Gardening Department. He told me he was getting Chestnuts off a tree a tree up Top Field and fell off the branch and broke his arm. He tried not to let none of the Staff know until it was discovered by a member of Staff and sent down to the County Hospital for treatment and then was put in Sick Bay. He told me he built a chandelier which was hung by the front door, "Is it still there! I told him that's been long gone! He said to me when was you there, I said in the 60's,to which he replied "I bet you was one of them when I made a visit back then who put all leaves over my Motorbike so I couldn't find it. He was originally from Tamworth but now lives in South Wales. I put him in touch with George Loftus, but George is not very well, but lets hope that others may get in touch. Very interesting Old Boy.
17 May 2022

Dave 62-65
Iíve once again had sad news this morning, Arthur Deamer the oldest old boy we had left attending our reunions, his daughter who also came to the reunions with him rang me to tell me he had passed away 99 years old. His daughter will still attend the reunion on behalf of Arthur this year for this special anniversary of 100 years from the opening of Golding
Our condolence's go to his daughter and his family and friends he will be sadly missed
R.I.P. Arthur
16 May 2022

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