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Happy birthday Winston Norton Pelham House Captain have a great day see you in October
13 March 2020

Dave 62-65
Happy Birthday to Angell have a great day Tony see you October
6 March 2020

Dave 62-65
Happy Birthday Gordon Rath, we wont say how old !! have a great day.
26 February 2020

Dave 62-65
Hi John, Tommy has been in touch and given me the names in the swimming pool photo l/r
John Street, Roy Hindle, Billy Hill, Jimmy Street, Sammy Hill, Tommy Hill, Micky Hindle, Shorne Kane.
All from Shotley Park
The Church Parade Doug Thompson on the Drum behind Neville (Popeye) Flecther
24 February 2020

John Olbison | john.olbison@icloud.com
Ah, fond memories of Wimbledon.
My first year, 1965, I was on number 1 court. I'm not certain but I think Tommy Hill and Jimmy Street were there too. Before play started we would form up 2 abreast and lead the line judges and players in. I remember one day we had the idea of having a bit of a laugh. When did we not?! So we formed up and ran in. We did a circuit of the court whilst the crowd stood and applauded in anticipation. We then ran out again! Oh, boy, did we laugh.
The next year I was on Centre court and had one or two memorable moments there too.
On one occasion, I don't remember who was playing, a player played a forearm smash and the ball headed straight for the crowd. Without thinking, my cricket experience kicked in and, I leapt into the air and caught the ball with one hand earning a trickle of applause.
The other occasion was an end of day mixed doubles match. Again, I cannot remember who was playing except for one: Nicki Pillich (sorry if spelt wrong). I was on the net and he hit a shot into the net, much to his annoyance. I pelted across to pick up the ball and, at the same time, he flung his racket on the ground. It bounced up. I grabbed the ball with my right hand and caught the racket with my left, stopped, gave him his racket and carried on. The crowd erupted. I got a look of thunder from Mr. Pillich.
22 February 2020 - Traveling. Mostly Scotland.

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