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Happy birthday Malcolm Clewer 71 years old today
17 January 2018

Dave Mal, and Family
On the 23rd of this month a member of our family will be 86 years old.Probaly one of our favourite members of Staff,who has supported our re-unions well before I came on the scene.He was there from 1956 to 1967 when it closed.Avid supporter of Newcastle United,and there was a rumour he was quite good at football himself!
15 January 2018

Dave 62-65
George Pfaff came into Goldings in the Winter 1962 as recorded in the Goldonian.He was a member of Pelham House.He left in August 1965,and was restored to Local Authority. I beleive he trained as a Painter and Decorator,and he was there when I was as I remember him,a small lad but very friendly.Reading in the Guild Messenger a few years ago I read that he had joined the Army shortly after Goldings.Iwill add more about him when I go through the Goldonians.Does anyone else remember him?
15 January 2018

Message ref George Pfaff
Good day I found your number on a Golding,s Reunion paper I found on the Internet. I am searching for my uncle George and Simon Pfaff. I know George was at Golding,s back in the Sixties. I am his youngest brother Paul Wiebes son my name is Bruin Wiebe
Paul was adopted at around two by the Wiebes, hence loss of contact. If you know of George or anyone who does, or could help in anyone who does please get in touch. I'd love to hear from him or meet him, my father has mental health issues and it would be no shock to me if his brothers were the same as they suffered as did many boys I imagine,terrible trauma as children.
I just want to know my family,as were all getting older.
Thank you for reading this Ive been searching a long time.
Kindest regards Bruin Wiebe.
15 January 2018

Dave Blower
Happy birthday to 2 old boys today.
Have a great day Johnny Mercury and Sydney Bracken
6 January 2018

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