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Happy birthday Peter Drummond our very own sea dog have a great day
14 May 2022

Bobby Mac
Sorry happy birthday Billy hill hope you had a great day
9 May 2022 - Tamworth

Happy birthday Billy Hill have a good one see you in October
6 May 2022

SCHOOL NOTES Spring 1955
The slumbers of Goldings boys were rudely broken on the night of 1st February, when fire broke out in the kitchen roof at about 10.15.
It is supposed that a beam, soaked in fumes from the electric "fryer," was fanned into flames by the draught. Our Fire Teams were soon active and their promptness and efficiency were praised by the Hertford Fire Brigade. They played their hoses on the wall of the 'School building, to prevent the fire from spreading. The boys made their way quietly to the School Chapel, where the roll was called. There were no injuries and damage was confined to the kitchen, which has now been covered with a temporary roof. The Hertford School Canteen Service provided hot dinners for three or four days until the kitchen could function normally once again.
29 April 2022

Oh I don't do that much we all have a good time in the kitchen and I think its probably the best place to be, you meet everyone for at least a little while (old boys and their families), they all need a cup of tea at some point.
Its Dave that does all the organising and putting together, and trying to think of new things so the reunion always becomes an event.

He likes to make it so everyone feels part of it even though sometimes there is no one from their time. Not everyone is the same as Dave who is very outgoing.
Sadly it becomes less each year which is sad but I Suppose a natural outcome

25 April 2022

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