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The Goldonian Summer 1953
I was surprised and pleased to be told a week before the Coronation of the Queen that I had been selected to be one of a party to go to London to see the Coronation procession.
On Monday evening, 1st June, I reported to the A.C.F. H.Q. at London Road Barracks, where I stayed the night.
We were roused at 3 a.m. and after cleaning-up and having breakfast we left by the Cadet coach and arrived in London at 6 a.m. Already the streets were filling with people and we were escorted on foot to our stand at the Palace end of the Mall.
The weather was poor but we made ourselves as comfortable as possible and we forgot the weather in watching the main service detachments lining the Mall. Every party was getting cheered as it came along.
The time soon passed and eventually there was a great cheer as the first of the Royal procession began to leave the Palace. What a thrill it was to see the fine bearing of the mounted escort? and the marching detachments. The Royal Family and the many foreign representatives came by in their carriages and each got a special cheer. At last the golden coach with the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh came out of the Palace Gates and my ears nearly burst with the loud cheering which greeted Her Majesty. I was proud to be British and a member of the pre-Services.
After the procession had passed we made our way into Green Park and there listened to the Coronation ceremony over the loud speakers.
At 3.15 p.m. we were back in the stands to see the Queen return to the Palace. In spite of the rain it was a magnificent sight and the Queen was radiant.
I was especially impressed with Sir Winston Churchill smiling and giving the "V" sign and with Queen Salote who seemed to ignore the rain and smiled and waved to us.
After the processions had passed there was a rush to the Palace Gates to see the Queen and the Royal Family who came out on to the balcony, where they smiled and waved repeatedly to the vast crowds. Eventually we made our way back to the coach and I returned with unforgettable memories of a wonderful day.
No. 2 Company.
1 June 2022

Dave 62-65
The 3 last messages are from a Goldonian in 1953 as the coronation celebrations were held a year after the Queen came to the throne.

The Goldonian 1953
When Queen Elizabeth became Sovereign Lady of this realm her Accession was a legal and constitutional act. But on 2nd June, 1953 she will be consecrated Sovereign; and this act of Coronation is a religious ceremony.
The Church's highest act of worship' is in Holy Communion, and the Coronation of our Queen is set within, this awesome and magnificent service, When Her Majesty takes her place in Westminster Abbey the Archbishop presents her to the people with the words "Sirs, I here present unto you Queen Elizabeth, your undoubted Queen: where-fore all you who are come this day to do your homage and service, are you willing to do the same?" The people will say, "God save Queen Elizabeth".
After the Recognition the Queen swears an oath to preserve the Christian Religion of her Country. The Accession is ratified by the swearing of this oath and by the welcome of her people.
The Archbishop now begins the service of Holy Communion. The Epistle contains the words, "Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honour the Queen", and the Gospel says, "Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's and unto God the things that are God's"
1 June 2022

Dave 62-65
After the Nicene Creed the Queen kneels as the Choir softly sings "Come Holy Ghost, our souls inspire". The solemn act of Consecrating begins. The Ampulla, a flask in the shape of an eagle about nine inches high, wrought in solid gold, Contains blessed oil. This is handed to the Archbishop who prays, "O Lord, Holy Father, Who by the anointing with oil didst of old make and consecrate kings, priests, and prophets, to teach and govern Thy people Israel: Bless. Thy servant Elizabeth now to be anointed with this oil and consecrated Queen. . ."
The Great Lord Chamberlain now disrobes the Queen of her crimson cloak. She takes her seat in the ancient Chair of King Edward Knights of the Garter carrying a rich pall of cloth of gold suspended on poles, place it over the Queen who is hidden from view.
The Dean of Westminster Abbey takes the Ampulla from off the Altar and the Archbishop receives the sacred oil and anoints the Queen in the form of a cross, on the palms of her hand, on the breast, and on the crown of her head. The Dean then invests her with the priestly Golobium Sindoois and the Supertunica, a long coat of cloth of gold. With the touching of the Golden Spurs by her Majesty we glimpse ancient chivalry and knighthood. The Great Sword of State is blessed upon the Altar and carried to the Queen. This symbolises her power of life and death comes from God, and to God is she alone responsible.
A Stole is placed over her shoulders signifying her bond with Christ; her subjection to His world-wide sovereignty.
The Orb, symbolising the authority of Christ throughout the world is then placed in her hands before being taken to the Altar. This symbolic ball of gold is richly decorated with diamonds, a sapphire, and an emerald.
The Archbishop places on the fourth finger of Her Majesty's right hand the Wedding Ring of England. She is united with her peoples and they with her in the responsibilities, laid upon her.
"Receive this Ring, the ensign of Queenly dignity, and of defence of the Catholic Faith"
1 June 2022

Dave 62-65
Into her hands are placed the two Sceptres. On one is the Cross, love fulfilling itself in sacrifice; on the other, the Dove, the Holy Spirit in whose strength alone kings may rule.
The Crown of St. Edward, the official Crown of England is on the Altar. The Dean of Westminster brings this Crown on its purple cushion to the Archbishop who firmly places it on the head of the young Queen Elizabeth.
The Abbey is a mass of movement, colourful, thrilling, as the peers don their coronets, the barons their caps, and the kings-of-arms their crowns. Music fills the crowning place of kings and queens.
Inside, fanfares are blown and belts rung. Outside, guns signal the Coronation of a Queen.
As silence reigns again the Archbishop hands the Queen a Bible, "We present you with this book, the most valuable thing that this world affords". The Coronation proper is over.
Now Queen Elizabeth removes her Crown. She offers Bread and Wine for the Holy Communion. These the Archbishop takes and the Service proceeds.
Kneeling on a faldstool near the Altar we see, not only a Queen, but a Mother making her Communion with God her Greater, receiving the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. Queen Elizabeth n of England is now by the Grace of God Queen of this realm.
"God save the Queen".
1 June 2022

Clive Gillingham 50s. Somerset House
Only three Mr Smith Kerr, I should have spotted Cassey, but Crossley and Wellwood did have me beat, the face in the back row looking down looks like I should know. I did my best. Have booked into The Bayford Arms, in Bayford as the Salisbury are still renovating the bedrooms. They still have rooms.
30 May 2022 - Great Bardfield. Essex

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