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Clifford Steele (Pop)
Many thanks to everyone who sent me Birthday Wishes by Facebook and our website. They certainly gave me a boost as I have been a bit miserable lately with the dreaded flu like lurgy. Love you all!

24 January 2018

William Fell-Holden (Eric) | jaysweepe@msn.com | bitcoinbigga.com
Happy birthday Cliff. Still play table tennis?
24 January 2018 - Lancashire

William Fell-Holden (Eric) | jaysweepe@msn.com | bitcoinbigga.com
Another book on the 1960s era of mine just published:Journey Out Returning. Paperback and e book.
24 January 2018 - Lancashire

David Wheatley | david.wheatley1937@gmail.com
Lovely well earned Front Page tribute to my friend Cliff "Pop" Steele. The salt and essence of Our Goldings Family.
24 January 2018 - Witley, Surrey

Facebook messages
‎David Blower‎ to Clifford Steele
21 January at 19:05
Happy Birthday Pop Steele 86 on Tuesday 23rd of Jan all our best wishes

Jean Clark
Jean Clark HI Pops that goes for me as well hope you have a wonderful 86 birthday and see you in October love Bluenose xxx

Tony Angell
Tony Angell Have a great Birthday Pop 86 years young. Angell

Gordon Rath
Gordon Rath We wish you a lovely 86 birthday still young at heart take care Pop

John Mercury
John Mercury Happy birthday Pop :-)

‎Joe Law‎ to Clifford Steele
23 January at 19:35 Elswick
Happy Birthday Pop!

‎Mikki Rath‎ to Clifford Steele
23 January at 15:12
Happy birthday.Xxxxx

‎David Blower‎ to Clifford Steele
23 January at 10:50
Have a good one Pop

‎Stanley Maddigan‎ to Clifford Steele
23 January at 12:09
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLIFF, have a very enjoyable day. Keep thinking back to the good old days at Goldings, had some useful players in those days, you more so. Miss all the camaraderie. Again very best wishes on your day. Stan Maddigan with Clifford Steele.

‎David Charlton‎ to Clifford Steele
23 January at 12:01
Happy birthday Pop, hope you have a great day, thanks for your help, take care

‎Sam Hill‎ to Clifford Steele
23 January at 11:47
Hi Cliff many happy returns hope u hav a brilliant day and everyone spoils you rotten

‎Peter Drummond‎ to Clifford Steele
23 January at 11:02
Many happy returns pop have a good day

‎Jamie Marsh‎ to Clifford Steele
24 January
Happy birthday for yesterday, happy memories for me Golding's 1961/1964
23 January 2018

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