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David,I have spoke to Ken,Mrs Newtons son.
He gave me some details but promised to send the full details text to my phone,but to date I have not received anything yet
Monday 14th October,but I will give some details that he gave me over the phone.
Mrs E.Newton funeral will be on 31st October at Watton-on-Stone 12-45.The wake will be held at her house,for security reasons I will not give the address,but if anyone needs the info please ring me.If anymore details are given I will put them on the site.
Ken mentioned that they are donating the dinner gong used at the Verney to our collection.
14 October 2019

David Wheatley | david.wheatley1937@gmail.com
Any news yet, Dave, about Mrs Newton's funeral arrangements?
14 October 2019 - Witley, Surrey

Dave and Mal
It's now been over a week from our re-union,and I would like to thank the helpers for all the hard work they put in on the Friday,Saturday,and Sunday morning packing it away in the Van.What made it more special was the visit of three old boys,David Fall from South Africa,Derek Hammond from Australia,Golding's Old Boys from the 60's.What made so much more special was the visit unannounced by Richard Gooch who was 90 years old and attending his first re-union since leaving Goldings!
Last but not least to our Old Boys and our former Staff member "Pop Steele" who is held in such high esteem by us all and has supported us long before I came on the scene,and remained at Golding's until the close in July 1967.I thank you all for making it a special day for all concerned
13 October 2019

Happy birthday Henry Johnson 79 years old today
Have a good un Henry
9 October 2019

ANGELL | zabby6349@gmail.com
Rest in peace Leonard you will never be forgotten by all who know you.Tony Angell
8 October 2019 - Fulham

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