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Dave 62-65
It is with regret I have to inform you Barnardo School of Print Master, Barry Archer died early this year, Barry attended our Reunion every year our condolences go to his wife Marie
18 August 2019

Clive Gillingham Somerset 50`s | clivegillingham@yahoo.com
David there was a Snaith while I was there
but have not a clue to his house, is this the same chap.
18 August 2019 - Great Bardfield, Essex

Dave 62-65
Hello Colin have you any years or house name or any information for Walter
I'm sure though that he dosen't attend the reunion
16 August 2019

email received Colin Williams | collinswilliam014@gmail.com
Walter Snaith do you know if he is still alive and were he is please
16 August 2019

Dave 62-65 email received from David and Denise
Dear Dave,
Good to see your name cross my email and apologies for tardy reply but I have been in hospital (gallbladder removal surgery) and in lead up to that had a few very unpleasant weeks. Such is life. All good now and well on the mend .
We have also delayed replying as we have been trying very hard to delay a necessary travel commitment first 2 weeks October. We are unable to do so, however, despite our very best efforts.
So.....we will not be around to welcome everyone this year .......most regrettably.
We will, of course, ensure Goldings Neighbours are aware of your usual visit to the Grounds and we will hope that this year is less wet for you all than 2018.
Please do pass on our warmest wishes to All as well as this detailed explanation re our inability to entertain.
We look forward to the 2020 gathering.
Best wishes.
David & Denise
16 August 2019

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