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The Goldonian Spring 1950
(one of the many incidents at Goldings)
The slumbers of Goldings boys were rudely broken on the night of 1st February, when fire broke out in the kitchen roof at about 10.15. It is supposed that a beam, soaked in fumes from the electric "fryer," was fanned into flames by the draught. Our Fire Teams were soon active and their promptness and efficiency were praised by the Hertford Fire Brigade. They played their hoses on the wall of the 'School building, to prevent the fire from spreading. The boys made their way quietly to the School Chapel, where the roll was called. There were no injuries and damage was confined to the kitchen, which has now been covered with a temporary roof. The Hertford School Canteen Service provided hot dinners for three or four days until the kitchen could function normally once again.
17 June 2024

Dave 62-65
The Euros starts tonight with England's first game this weekend.
(I'm routing for them, but oh dear really not sure how it's gonna go.)
14 June 2024

Dave 62-65
Happy birthday to our Golden girl (Bluenose) Jean Clark.
Have a lovely day Jean
10 June 2024

Dave 62-65
Not D Day Bob, but a paragraph from a Goldonian

The outbreak of War at Goldings 1939

Those O1d Boys who have not been to Goldings since War was declared, would perhaps like to know what effect the War has had on those who are still here. Apart from the first fortnight, when everybody was rushing about, filling sandbags, digging sick bay dugouts and extra trenches, life goes on much about the same. It was during this fortnight that we experienced our first air raid warning and it came in the middle of the night.
This, however, proved to be a false alarm. The next alarm was sounded when everybody could almost taste their breakfast, at 6.45 am. to be precise. I had the impression that the boys enjoyed this latter experience, partly due, perhaps, to the 'wacking out' of chocolate in the trenches and partly due to the fact that shops did not open until 10 am. Whatever the reason, however, the evacuation to the trenches was a great success without a sign of panic.
Now a word to those boys who one hears complaining about a War being on, when different restrictions are enforced they are for your own good and safety, so use a little more common sense, and try to assist those who are responsible for your happiness and safety.
7 June 2024

Bobby Mac
Itís D Day how many of our boys went there and how many did not come back.
Will we ever know.
6 June 2024 - Tamworth

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