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Peter drummond
Many happy returns Bob,I hope you had a good day
17 February 2019 - Rochester kent

Dave 62-65
Happy birthday Bob Robertson 80 years young today or if your in Australia it was yesterday hope you had or have a great day Bob
16 February 2019

Les Dawkins | l.dawkins@bigpond.com
Hi too all my old mates, I know its a bit late but hope you all had a great Christmas and that you have a great new year, sounds like you guys are having some cold weather we are 38 today and for the next three days we will be warming up to 40 that's a bit warm but you get used to it after a while, I have been in Perth for 54 years now but its still good to keep in touch, iam now 72 and been retired for 3 years I worked for the water corporation for 44 years last year they asked me back for 3 months which ended up being 9 months but it was all good, last year I had an email from Billy Hoy which was great, and Dave you sent a photo of the soccer team and Billy was in that, have great memories of my time at Goldings and its so sad when I read messages of guys that I remember have passed away, I just love hearing about Pop what a man he was and still is he was a great sportsman we had quite a few games of table tennis but I didn't win many if any. Well if any of you have any photos or remembers me send an email. once again hope you have a great new year.
6 February 2019 - Perth Western Australia

To all who are hoping to stay at the Salisbury Hotel for this year they have only two single rooms available to date as there is a wedding on the 5th of October which is also the date of our re-union this year,I have booked the Premier Inn for this year,and to date it is an excellent price!
To book with them Tel No 0333 321 9137
Premier Inn Welwyn Garden Stanborough Road.On the internet booking it is 65-50p for the Friday and Saturday.
29 January 2019

Cliff Steele (Pop)
To all who sent me cards and Birthday Greetings, my sincere thanks. I have always felt privileged to be part of the Goldings family and to be remembered by so many makes me a very happy and contented 'old'man,

25 January 2019

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