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Bob mc namara | rmcnamara 999@gmail.com
I just like to say what a good job you and your team did this weekend well done.
It was so good to catch up with old friends hope to see you all next year God willing.
And a big thank you for all you have done.
7 October 2018 - Tamworth

Clifford Steele (Pop)
Hi Dave & Mal,
Hope you both are well. Have a safe journey to Hertford this weekend, sorry I wont be there. I cannot remember the last reunion I missed. One of the drawbacks of getting old is a tendency to make rash and daft decisions, so on Saturday I shall be sitting at home thinking about you all. Hope all goes well and you have a great reunion. I am sure you will. I will look forward to news and photographs of the reunion.
I was pleased to see a message on Guest Book from David Pike, I remember him well. He was a well respected Pelham boy.

5 October 2018

Hello Elayne,
Woody always attended our reunions and was a respected part of the Goldings Reunion Team, he helped keep it all together in 2003 when we had a bit of a set back.
One of our Goldings brothers and always sadly missed
5 October 2018

Elayne Kaftan was wood | Elaynejkaftan@hotmail.com
Hi Iím woodys daughter
I was searing through his profile on Facebook and came across your link
I see you have a reunion coming up. I know my dad would of loved to of been there so as always Iím thinking about him
Thank you for keeping his memory going as you have his name on the home page it means a lot
Thank you
4 October 2018

Happy birthday Old Boy John Brown enjoy your day John
30 September 2018

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