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David Wheatley | david.wheatley1937@gmail.com
Dave, I set out this morning in good time to pay my respects to the Newton
Family at Mrs Newton's Funeral, but have been completely thwarted by a major road accident quite near to my home which completely blocked me in for over an hour. By the time I extracted myself, there was insufficient time to reach Watton. Could you apologize to Kenny on my behalf and say that I am very sorry and disappointed that I could not be with them. The Newtons were very kind to me during my teenage years and Bob gave me the best piece of advice I have ever received when I was 19.
31 October 2019 - Witley, Surrey

Eric,or any Old Boy or Staff need to know,the service for Mrs Newton will be held at St Andrew and St Mary's Church, Church Lane Watton-at Stone,postcode SG 14 2RJ. There will be a family service at the Crem for 15 mins,then they will hold the wake at her house (the address I will not put on this message,but Family members will give it at the Service)R.I.P Mrs Newton,our condolences to the Family and her friends.
27 October 2019

William Eric Fell-Holden | w.fellholden@gmail.com | www.abig-read.com
Hi Dave. Which Watton church will Mrs Newton's funeral be held on the 31 Oct? Thanks. Eric
26 October 2019 - Preston, Lancashire

David,I have spoke to Ken,Mrs Newtons son.
He gave me some details but promised to send the full details text to my phone,but to date I have not received anything yet
Monday 14th October,but I will give some details that he gave me over the phone.
Mrs E.Newton funeral will be on 31st October at Watton-on-Stone 12-45.The wake will be held at her house,for security reasons I will not give the address,but if anyone needs the info please ring me.If anymore details are given I will put them on the site.
Ken mentioned that they are donating the dinner gong used at the Verney to our collection.
14 October 2019

David Wheatley | david.wheatley1937@gmail.com
Any news yet, Dave, about Mrs Newton's funeral arrangements?
14 October 2019 - Witley, Surrey

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