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Dave 62-65
Ive had very sad news today Joan James, Jimmy James Wife passed away on Saturday just gone. Pauline their daughter phoned to let me know.
Joan attended every reunion to represent Jimmy, both Jimmy and Joan gave me a great deal of support when I set out organising the reunion.
I couldn’t have done it without the
god bless Joan say hello to Jimmy for us
15 March 2022

Bobby Mac
Happy birthday Winnie hope your day went well see you at the reunion take care cheers.
13 March 2022 - Tamworth

Happy birthday Winnie Norton
Goldings Old Boy, Pelham House, Printer,
and a very good Sportsman for the school
13 March 2022

Happy birthday to 60s Old Boy Tony Angell have a great day Tony
6 March 2022

Dave 62-65
Hello Denise
A very interesting story, and a very similar story to what I come across from lots of ex Dr. Barnardo Boys and Girls, and many of them I'm sure could write a book reflecting their time in Dr. Barnardo's and many Goldings boys did.
Fred Barnes became a very good friend of mine, and we used to discuss Goldings a lot, he spent many years of his own time researching the history of Goldings, as we both had a lot in common in Goldings.
Fred as a boy did so want to be sent to Goldings, but it didn't materialise much to his disappointment. So the one year I made sure that Fred was invited and came to one of our Reunions at Goldings, which he really enjoyed.
We also gave him an award from The Goldings Old Boys and Staff of Goldings for spending so much time on our behalf recording the History of Goldings.
Fred was a wonderful old gentleman and one year invited me to a reunion of Much Wenlock which now is an old folks home and we were made very welcome by the present staff at the time. One of Freds famous saying when he used to ring me
"Any fiddles count me in"

To continue your research on your family can I suggest you contact Making Connections formerly Dr. Barnardo's.
Contact Kate Roach you can tell her you have contacted me.
Telephone No- 0208 552 1004
Address is
140 Balaam Street
E13 8RD
email address is makingconnections@barnardos.org.uk
Doctor Barnardo's should hold records and the history of every boy and girl who entered Barnardo's.
They are reluctant to pass on information if you are not direct family, so I suggest that it would help with your research and possibly enlighten you and your family a little bit more.
They have recently asking for a charge for any information they may hold, I totally disagree with this charge, but this is the way they have gone.

Good luck with your research and if I can be of any further help don't hesitate to get in touch.
Fred never published a book about Dr. Barnardo's just a compilation of Goldings photos.
As far as we are aware there are no old boys who went to Much Wenlock and then attending Goldings still attending our reunion, there was a group of early 50s boys but sadly no more.
4 March 2022

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