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Derek Hammond Australia
Hi Dave,
All good here, as well as they can be given the current predicament. Being a large brown island made up of several different States and Territories, where they all have their own (local) government and so become responsible for their own management of situations. Of course the Federal Government can have the last word if they feel the "locals" have got it wrong. So three are differing opinions of what people need to do, for example in some States they have closed the schools, in others they remain open or they leave it to the parents to make their own decisions. There are also various "lockdown" variations across this island.
For instance, anyone returning from overseas has to undergo mandatory self isolation of two weeks. If you are travelling between States you don't need to comply unless your home State has a different set of rules.
I'm trying to follow the situation in the UK, but the news from there seems to vary and change with every passing day.
We've had a few people who have ventured out from their various lockdowns and isolation to be warned by the police that they are not allowed to and will risk fines and possible imprisonment if they do. You might have heard/seen about the kerfuffle on Bondi beach recently? Mainly backpackers who thought the rules didn't apply to them.
I hope you all continue to stay safe and well and that this current global disaster will happily come to a swift conclusion . . . Sorry I've been bit of a long winded
All the best - Derek
11 April 2020

Peter and Linda (sele farm caretakers)
Hi all to the Golding's Boys, are you all ok from this virus, stay safe from Peter and Linda.
10 April 2020

Letter from Afred Nerman (Cummings)
Hi David
I hope you and Marilyn are feeling Well While we all are Currently dealing with Covid 19.
I have Taken opportunity in my time during this time at Home to write my Biography on three Page enclosed.
I cover my Life While i was At Barking side and Golding with some short details of my life after leaving Golding, I hope you Find The three Page document Interesting,
Please can You can Place all the three Page document on our website for other Old boys to Read and Recall their time at Golding, Regrettably I was unable to present at our last year's reunion.
I recall the Reunion the year two year ago, and my visit to the Church in Waterford village.
Thank you for Your Photographs of the Service held at St Micheal and All angels church.s
I'm concerned for our reunion this year. Regarding Currently shut down with Covid 19. Let's hope this Current situation stay at home ruling is ended within the next three Months, I hope all Old Boys and you two stay well and are coping with life in these difficult times all Old Boys
Yours sincerely Alfred
MacAndrew and Somerset
9 April 2020

Message from Tommy Hill
Our brothers out there, keep safe and stay home, no out of bounds or you will get more than "jankers" from Pinhead (6 of the best) Pinheads office.
So to be serious Keep Safe.
From myself,our Billy and Sammy.See you all at the reunion in October
8 April 2020

Dave 62-65
Week 3
The weather is being very kind to us, sun is shining and very warm, lets hope it lasts so that we can stay in the garden keeping busy.
Trouble is I never was much of a gardener, don't know my weeds from my flowers, and then Mal falls out with me!!! (I think I'll go and do a bit of gardening)lol
8 April 2020

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