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Bobby Mac | rmcnamara999@gmail.com
I just like to wish all my brothers and sister (Bluenose) stay safe and take care.
8 April 2020 - Tamworth

Message from David and Sue Fall
Well our news is that we are (thankfully) both well going forward One always needs to look on the bright side, and as I say we are both hale(?) and hearty; living the dream in rural southern France, We haven’t seen any of the ‘panic’ shopping that the UK seems to be experiencing – my brother in ‘civilised’ Chiswick a case in point Sue keeps tabs on a reasonably well-stocked freezer just in case we have to continue ’self-isolating’ for a few more days …
What’s your take on global warming … I’d like to know.
I don’t worry too much about politics – apart from so-called considered opinions on the BBC, etc. – but fail to understand how several countries in Europe have these past couple of days closed their borders to prevent the spread of Coronavirus while others do not; now that’s weird … further afield, in Iran, I believe, a nation also hammered by the disease, has allowed 70 000 prisoners to be released – go figure that one out …
OK, enough rambling thoughts from my side … love to hear back from you when you get a moment …
As ever, best wishes to you and all
Keep safe
Sue and Dave Fall (Goldings, 1962-1965, Cairns House)
6 April 2020

Dave 62-65
Wimbledon June 29-July 12 2020 is officially cancelled due to Covid 19 crisis.
First time since World War 2 1945
5 April 2020

Victor King
Hi David and yes everything is fine this end. Like most other people we are keeping busy in the garden and so far the restrictions have not been a problem.
I hope you and your family are well but no doubt concerned about the reunion later this year.


Victor King
4 April 2020

Message from Neville Fletcher (Popeye)
I spoke on phone to Neville who hasn't access to the internet and he says He's doing okay keeping busy,and hopes all Goldings Boys are safe and well and doing as they are told for once!! and staying at home. lol
4 April 2020

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