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Denise Fallaize
Hi Dave

Firstly may I congratulate you on the website for Goldings. It is packed with interesting information and itís especially nice to see how much is provided by the boys who attended.

My quest concerns two of my half uncles. My grandmother had two boys Raymond Le Pelley and Roy Le Pelley out of wedlock in 1921 and 1922. When she married my grandfather in 1932 he refused to take the boys on. They were sent to Barnardos at Much Wenlock, Shropshire. Roy was later sent to Watts Naval School as the two boys were feral (Rayís words) and it was thought better to separate them. Like Fred, Ray learnt to trade of printing and later joined the RAF during WWII.

Both boys returned to Guernsey, Channel Islands, after WWII, but never lived with their mother again.

My parents separated when I was only 2 years old and I was unaware of the existence of Ray and Roy until I began researching my family history a few years ago.

I have now, after a few years of trying, made contact with a son of Ray. Both Ray and Roy have now passed away. There is a story that must be told here and I hope to be able to put it together. Rayís son has asked me to find out as much as I can so that we can understand a little more about their lives.

I believe that the boys were initially sent to Corris House, Much Wenlock and was interested to read on your website about Fred Barnes and the books that he had written. I was also sorry to read that Fred had passed away in 2014. I have searched the second hand book sites for copies of his books but have not had any success and I wondered if you were aware of anywhere that I might be able locate a copy?

Many thanks

Denise Fallaize
3 March 2022

Dave 62-65
I would like you all to remember it is 100 years this year since Golding's opened November 1922, so I'm hoping we have a tremendous turn out to commemorate the occasion at the reunion
1 March 2022

Well its March, Spring is on its way, Covid seems to be on the back foot. We are all skint but ok, then Putin Strikes this blow as if the world hasn't had enough, this isn't gonna do much for our planet. oh thats the world everybody wants everything and we will all end up with nothing.
Getting off the soapbox now. lol
All on track for the Reunion, see you in October
1 March 2022

Happy birthday to Gordon Rath have a great day Gordon
26 February 2022

Clifford Steele
Another one of my boys sadly gone. He was such a friendly and generous person.
Pop Steele
21 February 2022

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