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The boys are becoming scarce,messages mostly happy birthdays,surely we can do better where are all the guest photos?their times at Goldings,stories good or bad and how many boys went through Goldings or even their names,we all remember the staff via their photos but not our class mates.
12 September 2018 - uk

Received last week.
David G Pike,France.
Pelham 1957-62.
Good morning.Whilst I find your circular most rewarding to all ex-Goldings boys I now find it somewhat confusing to learn that the "Goldings Old Boys Association" does exist.Sadly this is the first time I have heard of the association and I am sure my contributions would have been channelled towards it had I have known.Food for the future no doubt.
I have sent to David a few items that we share at our re-unions,to help him recollect his time at the School, Dave.
10 September 2018

Email ref David Leslie Ingram 30's
Itís with regret that I have to Inform you, That My Dad Passed away on 28th Aug 2018 at 95 years old.
Dad had not been to good since he had a fall in 2015 and broke his hip after that he never really got back to his old self, this last year he had been in and out of hospital a lot mainly for kidney failure and c.o.p.d. and just recently Gall Stones . He was very poorly this last few months especially the last 3 days but at least he wasnít in much pain at all.
He had a good life and spoke highly of his past at Barnardoís and Goldings. Also of the Associationís that he was a member of NVA , Italian Star. British Legion to name but a few.

Yours Faithfully, Janet Goddard (Daughter)
1 September 2018

chris&Len Harpin | chrisandlen@talktalk.net
Hi Pop, we understand you was not at Golding's when I was there , but you are that kind of person you can talk to, wish you had been in our day's, your absent will be missed,
31 August 2018 - Colnbrook Slough England

David Wheatley | david.wheatley1937@gmail.com
I am very sad to learn from Dave that Cliff Steele will not be with us at this year's Reunion. It is a long way from Newcastle to Hertford when your legs are not what they used to be, even for a dashing sportsman like Cliff, but it won't be quite the same without "Pop" amongst us!
Cliff, we all owe you a deep sense of gratitude and loyalty for all your unstinting support and attendance over so many years. My Father saw you as a rock amongst his Staff and always knew that if you were on duty he could relax just a little bit more. As our twilight days advance, I hope that we may have the opportunity to meet once more. You have continued to represent all that was good during the latter halcyon days of life at Goldings.
29 August 2018 - Witley, Surrey

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