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Clifford Steele
Just had a sad phone call from Liz Thompson informing me that Douglas Thompson died on Monday 6th Dec
11 December 2021

At early dawn, On Christmas morn.
When cocks are crowing, and faint light showing.
The children awake, their pleasure to take.
In showing their toys, and making loud noise.
When rises the sun, and breakfast is done.
The snow is so crisp, the sky full of mist.
With laughter so gay, round the snowman they play.
Roasting fowl fills the air, with its savour so rare.
To friends far and near, they send greetings and cheer.
During parties at home, their Christmas cards come.
Outside in the night, the twinkling stars light.
The way home to bed, Rest, weary head.
Winter 1949
10 December 2021

Dave 62-65
Well its December the run up to Xmas, and Covid is popping his head up again.
Please all take care and fingers crossed.
3 December 2021

Mal The Goldonian Winter 1950s
We have not been able to get out on practical marches since the bad weather early in December last year; it was very pleasing to see the Corps
of Drums leading the School to church again after so long a period of bad weather. Considering the severe losses we have sustained through
boys leaving to situations over the last three months this first outdoor parade since before Christmas has proved that the younger boy has
been doing well on the practice parades held in the recreation hut on Mondays.
27 November 2021

Woke up to a lot of snow this morning
its freezing cold and very windy I think Winter has arrived
Take care everyone
27 November 2021

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