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Cliff Steele (Pop)
Hi Dave,
The second part of David Pike's account of his life at Goldings was well worth waiting for. His memory was exceptional and it was so well written.
I enjoyed it very much.
10 November 2018

The second part of David Pike story is now on,follow the first part down,then press onto continued,which is on the right of the page.
9 November 2018

Christine Sheppard | Rastus51@hotmail.com
I am the daughter of Frederick Sheppard who was a master at Goldings. He produced the picture of the Verney that was used as the Christmas card that is shown on this site. My sister Josephine is moving and in sorting her stuff we found the original picture,if a little crumpled. We are selling most of his paintings as he always wanted us to have the proceeds as our legacy so are offering it to,sell. Before we do that, we wondered if anyone fronm Goldings would be interested in it. We would be looking for around 100 ( it needs framing)
9 November 2018 - St Albans

David Wheatley | david.wheatley1937@gmail.com
I have just read the first part of David Pike's account of his life at Goldings. I recommend it to everyone who shared that experience. Having grown up myself within the school on a much more privileged basis, I found it fascinating reading and very well put together, including David's first impression of my father. I think he would have recognised himself and laughed at its accuracy. I look forward to reading the rest of David's story when it is posted.
7 November 2018 - Witley, Surrey

Dave 62-65
Many Thanks to Ellen (Perrier), Brian's wife, who will place our wreath on the Golding's bench at Waterford Memorial this weekend for Armistice Day,11th November.Photos will be later put on the site.
Many Thanks Ellen, who never let's us down.
7 November 2018

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