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Dave 62-65
Billy Knights Photos are now on the Photo Gallery.
21 October 2018

Dave 62-65
Billys photos have arrived today and will be on the site next couple of days.
If you have photos you want putting on the site please send them in.
17 October 2018

Facebook messages
Henry Johnston 50s
another reunion over but what a successful one. many thanks see you again next year. God willing.

David Charlton 50s
Great to see you all at the Re-union, and may I express my thanks to David Blower for all the hard work he does to make it possible, also all the ladies for providing the refreshments, thank you all

Winston Norton 60s
Winston Norton Wonderful to see some of my old Goldings sidekicks today. The humour, the warmth, the love, the memories. We are all survivors and we all care about each other. Thanks, Dave (Blower) and your magnificent team.

Les Coman 50s
I regret that I was unable to attend. I have some really good memories of goldings. It was my youth. Now these days are drifting away. If you had name tags maybe the grey matter would work.
Best of luck to you all.

Kez Kez
Reunion weekend
Family time for “The old boys”
Special times, reminiscing of childhood memories! Gordon Rath

Sydney Patrick Bracken 50s
Sorry I couldn't make it this year. Wife's recent knee operation proved to be too painful for such a long journey.
15 October 2018

Dave Blower 62-65
Bob (Cox) my former House Captain when I arrived at Golding's in Somerset House.
The RE-UNION for 2019 is Saturday 5th October at Sele Farm Community Centre, Perret Gardens, Hertford.It is normally the first Saturday in October.
14 October 2018

William Fell-Holden | w.fellholden@gmail.com | www.abig-read.com
David Swinger's book: Just a Number is an inspiring read (of his childhood and youth). Recommend it. I remember him also, from Goldings.
14 October 2018 - Blackpool, Lancashire

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