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John Olbison
Hi Dave. Am doing fine, thanks. Hope all well with you and yours, too.
Take care. Regards
4 April 2020

David and Denise Dyment
We hope you and our dear Barnardo Boys are safe and Covid-19 free?
We are just 1 week home from an unplanned extended vacation where we were stranded in the South Pacific / Atlantic Oceans for 9 additional unplanned/unwanted days!!
Eventually we arrived home last Thursday after a tortuous 30hr journey back to Goldings.
Please let us know you and your loved ones safe and well.
Our warmest wishes.
3 April 2020

Les Dawkins | l.dawkins@bigpond.com
Hi to all, so far not too bad we don't have complete lock down still allowed out to go to shops not much open though, I go for 30 k bike ride most days or an 8 kilometre walk that keeps you sane, we have just closed the border into Western Australia as another precaution first time ever, my wife is working from home now so she keeps an eye on me, but all good otherwise plenty toilet rolls and plenty food. keep well guys it wont last for ever, just help one another, good to see that pop is being taken care of, shall keep you posted on what is happening on the west coast. stay safe Les.
2 April 2020 - Perth Western Australia

Smith 206
Nothing new then in being confined to camp (home today) just 60 years since passed, how many epidemics,just read back in the Goldings archives,Mumps,measles,TB,Chicken pox,polio and how many influenster cases? no jabs then just get on with it and one SEN nurse to ensure our wellbeing.
Today we are older and more susceptible nevertheless our age dictates we are quite happy in our own skin , so why am I writing this?Like you I miss my fortnight in Spain,my winter cruise,my mountain treks,my 5 day skiing in Bulgaria,my free swimming,free bus pass travel,Oaps discount at selected places.should have been a gardener at Goldings at least my garden will have attention.
1 April 2020

Peter Drummond
Hi everybody I'm into my third week in isolation I'm feeling good with no visible problems.I see Dave has been dealing with the boredom in his own little way bless him anyway I'm ok
1 April 2020 - Rochester Kent

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