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David Wheatley | david.wheatley1937@gmail.com
Carolyn & I would like to thank you Dave & Mel plus all your Helpers for giving us all another very happy day at the Reunion. It is a lot of work and dedication on your part each year and very much appreciated by all those attending. With the ever smaller number staying on for dinner each year because of age and the expense of staying overnight, I do think the time has come to truncate the day a little with say a late luncheon so that everyone is more likely to meet with everyone else, as I mentioned after dinner. I would be interested to hear what views other members of the Family may have in this respect.
I was delighted to see Pop Steele back again. His presence adds so much to the gravitas of the day!

6 October 2019 - Witley, Surrey

Dave Fall email received
Hiya Dave

Have been living and working out of the country for 50 years or so … attended Goldings 1962-69 (entered the printing department as apprentice compositor under Jimmy James, Mr Stackwood, etc) …

Am in the UK for a short while and would love to attend the 2019 reunion with my wife Sue.

Have noted the address and timetable and would like to drop by mid-morning, or thereabouts …

One request: due to circumstances beyond my control that day … would have to bring my Yorkie dog along … would this be in order?

(He’s never a problem, and would be happy staying in the car most of the time) …

Kind regards

Dave Fall (Cairns House 1962-65), Waterford digs, etc.
4 October 2019

Ike Aviston email recieved
Hi Dave
Not sure if you are aware that Brian Cunningham has passed away.
Christine his wife has advised me Brain's funeral will take place on Oct 2nd at The Thomas a Beckett Church in Ramsey at 12.45.
Perhaps you could mention it on our website.
I'll be going and I look forward to seeing you on the 5th.
Best wishes
30 September 2019

J V EMBLETON Email received
Thanks for the details of the reunion. I'm keeping well but will not be able to attend the Reunion

Please pass on my regards to those who remember me and I hope you all have a happy day.

Best wishes from Joan
30 September 2019

Smith 206
One of the best photos on the front page from Terry Andrews,not sure of the Garden area am familiar with carps shop, school block and the gym, along with the famous brick wall entrance on our way to our 7.30 dance sessions I,m sure Mr Shepard's Daughter well rehearsed in dance etiquette may recall those magic moments.
25 September 2019

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